Animal Boarding Sand Springs

Sand Springs Small Animal Hospital provides animal boarding facilities for dogs, cats and small pets including rabbits and ferrets. Just like you would expect your furry family members are cared for as if they were the veterinarian, nursing, and technical staff’s very own.

If your pet arrives with fleas or ticks, a bath is a must on admission. We will treat medical problems that arise during boarding as necessary. We ask that you leave an emergency number whenever boarding your pet.

DHLPP Parvo, Rabies and Bordetella vaccinations must be current for dogs, and FVRCP and Rabies vaccinations for cats who are admitted for bathing or boarding. Boarders are fed a balanced diet of high quality pet food. A variety of prescription diets are available for pets with special needs.

Dogs are taken outside several times daily to exercise. We know the importance of getting plenty of physical activity, and we want to make sure that your furry friends are ready to play as soon as you get back!

Special attention is given to shy pets and senior pets. All of our boarders are treated as individuals. Extra bedding and prescription diets are available if necessary. You are welcome to bring your own bedding, but please understand we have many boarders and lots of laundry, so sometimes things get misplaced. We have plenty of bedding so it's best to let us provide it for your pet. Feel free to bring in your pets own food. It often makes them feel more at home. Be sure anything you bring in is appropriately labeled.